Sunday, June 19, 2011

Blue Daisy Dress

By The Pleasant Times Sewing Editor, Miss Thread

We are featuring a dress designed by one of our in-house designers here at The Pleasant Times Sewing Room. She drew this:

Puffed sleeves, a-line shape, empire waistline, and scallops on the hem. I chose to make the bottom drawing, with the smaller scallops.

Using several patterns, this was the sewn result:
Fast and easy with no buttons or zippers. I used a McCall's pattern for a pull-over-the-head nightgown, and changed the gathered skirt into one big box pleat in the middle front and back for a smoother look. I adapted a puffed sleeve from a Daisy Kingdom pattern. The scalloped piece on the hem was hand-drawn, and amazingly, it fit with just minor adjustments at the side seams. It would be lovely, some day, to have one of those nifty scallop making gadgets like the quilters use! I used a roll of - cough cough- duct tape, and drew around it on paper to make a pattern. One could use a bone china tea cup from the china closet, of course, to draw the circles, if one wasn't in such a hurry. It would be a much more elegant sewing experience that way!
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