Friday, June 3, 2011

Not a Proper Lawn At All

Our lawn is rather wild. But I like it that way.

Perhaps it is not as nice looking, but it is more interesting.
Things creep out of the garden to grow where "the grass is greener." Flowers and things like mint. The mint smells so nice when it's mown down!
Wild violets of purple, lavender and white grown in the lawn;
and of course the daisies;
and other little tiny wildflowers.
There are different kinds of grass:
some tall, some short, some fat, some thin, some lush, some not.

We have these little blue flowers, as well as pink wild geraniums. There are plenty of weeds, too. We have counted over 25 different kinds of plants growing in our lawn.
And we have this curly curiosity.
It smells like an onion and tastes like chives, but I have not looked it up yet to see what it is exactly.
 Pink geraniums have also taken root in a gravel parking lot next door.
 One surprise this spring were the brave little pansies that grew in the gravel.
 People must think parking lots are not for flowers.
 (though if it were my parking lot, I'd let them grow there)
 Alas, they suffered the fate of being poisoned by roundup. Poor little dears.

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