Friday, July 1, 2011


The Pleasant Times Editorial Staff is thrilled to introduce our newest Health and Homestead editor, Miss Annabelle.

Miss Annabelle will be writing for the Times about organic farming, gardening, herbs, and kitchen concerns. She comes to us with many qualifications: she is a certified Nutritional Herbalist, a Banjo and Mountain Instrument Instructor, and in her own words,
"I have a green thumb... mostly.. but that isn't certified... but you should just taste my tomatoes when they come in ;-) Professional chicken dispatcher... ;-) Duck wrangler....Mistress of the Canning Pot....Mistress of Brewing fine ales...(not that you approve of course... ;-) Mistress of the Vinegar Barrel.... Cider pressin'....Mistress of the Compost, Grower of Too Many Squash Vines for a Small Area."

We are so excited to add Annabelle's expertise to The Pleasant Times, for the benefit of our readers. We are grateful to Annabelle for taking the time to post for us!


The views expressed by The Pleasant Times' expert Annabelle are not necessarily the views of the medical establishment.  Green, living, organic, non-gmo, vitamin filled plants may be harmful when taken in the wrong quantities. 
Before replacing your synthetic and cancer causing chemical medication with
herbal non-gmo, organic, vitamin filled poultices, please ask your
state-funded doctor. 
Before following any suggestions here, whether suggested as suggestions or whether you get the idea to follow them on your own unprovoked,
please consult your life coach, your doctor, your professor, your magazine subscription, your therapist, your veterenarian, your postmaster, your surgeon general, your city dog catcher, your electrician, your school superintendent, your state and local governments, your favorite talk show hosts, your tv guide, your local unions and your plumber.  
Before gardening, remember to consult the corp of engineers to make sure that  your garden has no impact on wetland, because the fine is $20,000.00 a day if you do anything on wetlands. Make sure to consult your local city officials before mounting or lighting any crosses or Christmas trees (or choosing to call them "Christmas" trees instead of "holiday trees" ) on your property.
 Before following any gardening advice, please replace all your pipes and hoses with unleaded and non-arsenic varieties. 

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