Meet The Staff

Editor Mrs. Humphrey
email: thepleasanttimes at gmail dot com

Farm, Garden, Homestead and Health Editor, Annabelle. 
Certified Nutritional Herbalist, Banjo Picker.
"I have a green thumb... mostly.. but that isn't certified... but you should just taste my tomatoes when they come in ;-) Professional chicken dispatcher... ;-) Duck wrangler....Mistress of the Canning Pot....Mistress of Brewing fine ales...(not that you approve of course... ;-) Mistress of the Vinegar Barrel.... Cider pressin'....Mistress of the Compost, Grower of Too Many Squash Vines for a Small Area."

Reporter Lillibeth R.  
Reporting what is pleasant, beautiful, and useful.

Etiquette Lady Miss Rose
"Bad Manners Ruin Good Families."
"Lest we lose our polish, we should read etiquette books to remind us of forgotten rules, so that our manners will not be tarnished through lack of use."

Reviews by Miss dePoint
"A good book is worth reading again and again and again!" 
"A good movie is hard to find."

 Food Editress Bessie Baker Cook 
"It isn't hard to cook from scratch. One just needs to be brave, plunge in to the recipe (or not use one at all) and test what they can do."

Photographer N.O. Phocus
Nellie Prepares to shoot a photo

Crafts by Miss Paste 
Pondering her next paper project


Sewing Lady Miss Thread
Keeping the staff in stitches
"Sewing a small project is more fun for me than sewing clothing, but I enjoy dressing 200 years out of fashion, when I can manage it."

We are in the office, ready to take your call

Our Field Editors

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