Saturday, November 15, 2008

Saturday Night Sewing

Women Sewing at Home by Light from a Window
Women Sewing at Home by Light from a Window Giclee Print
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For the past two weeks I have been wanting to finish a dress made with sweet rosebud-print fabric. Each Saturday that I pick it up to work on it, I come to a point where I must give up, and put it aside for the next week. Either I make a mistake that would take all night to undo, or it is too late at night to keep sewing and I am too tired, and getting cranky. It is so frustrating! I wanted to wear that dress last week for a reunion, I want it this week for church, and now I have to say, "Ah, it will be just in time for Thanksgiving." It is really hard for me to put it down and admit defeat! Maybe this is a character-building exercise, and not a dress-constructing one. Maybe it is better to set something aside until the eyes are rested, the head is cooled, and the body refreshed by sleep. Maybe I should have eaten dinner. Perhaps the dress will be all the better for me not rushing it through the sewing machine:) 

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