Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Kid Diet

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I am on the Kid Diet.
This is how it works:  you think you are going to sneak yourself a treat as a reward for washing a mound of dishes, and just when you think the coast is clear, some children walk in.
Then you have to get the ice cream, nuts, chocolate sauce, whip cream, and chocolate chips all out again, along with spoons and bowls. 
Then you have to get napkins, and some towels to clean up the mess overturned by the wayward elbow. Then a washcloth to clean up the spill of melted ice cream on the toddler. Then a dishrag to wipe down the table afterwards, and a mop to clean the floor. 
Then you have to get out cups, because ice cream somehow always makes them thirsty for water. 
Now you have another sink full of dishes, and some more laundry to do, so you have to get out stain remover for the clothes stained by chocolate. 
This is enough to make you think twice the next time you want ice cream. 

It also works for the hidden treats. If anyone discovers where they are, they will always be watching you out of the side of their eyes for an opportunity to ask for some. 

If you decide to bake a cake or pie, by the time the children are done eating them you have only had one slice.

Cookies never make it from the pan to the cookie jar. 

It works all the way into the teen years. Their hearing is more fully developed by that time and they can hear when the refrigerator door opens from all the way across the house. 

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