Saturday, November 29, 2008


I was in a Ben Franklin Crafts today, and since it is in a town I rarely go to, I had not been to this store in over a year. 
In the paper section, I was so pleasantly surprised (okay, I was ecstatic!) to see that Victorian scrap is IN again! And just in time for Christmas! 
I saw a little notebook with Victorian images in it, and thought to myself, "I would be tempted to buy this if I had a coupon. I cannot afford it." I put it down, thinking that it will be a long time until I come again, and that thus is life. 
Then a lovely lady who worked there came over with the customary "Can I help you?" and then said "Did you get our 40% off coupon?"
I will leave you to guess what I did with that question. 
Last week my mother and myself went on the "rounds" to the local Holiday Bazaars.Holiday Bazaars are often held in bizarre places. Sometimes they are in a home, sometimes in a barn, but one of my favorites was in a glass shop, up the side stairs and in a storeroom on the second floor.  The prices were so reasonable, and I found many treasures there! 
Something I regret not buying at this place were the cute gift tags for 50 cents each, which were small colorful squares of card stock with little images of rosy-cheeked Victorian children pasted on them, and embellished. At the time I was thinking that if I started buying those tags, that fifty cents would add up quite quickly to some other amount. 
I may have missed out on those pretty tags, but I can now start to re-create my own with this little pad of pictures. 

You can imagine with a little bit of sparkle here, a button there, or maybe just left as I have put them here, layered on special papers, that they will make charming gift tags or even Christmas cards. 

This was the little pad of pictures I spoke of above (and for a dollar less than the shop, I might add). I am now very fond of artist trading cards!
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