Sunday, June 24, 2007

How do I make this cape?


I've been fascinated with this cape (seen in the movie Sense and Sensibility) and it's construction.

hood detail ( This is a great site for stills of the movie gowns:

I am using a piece of calico to make the pattern out of.

shape from it looks like this when worn (how do I get the pucker out of the back? )

Marianne's cape had a sort of shawl over the shoulders cascading to the front, and it was triangular on either side of the I unpicked some of the back seam... folded it over....

and the front looks like this.

Getting closer?

I changed shapes. By the time I am done trimming down and experimenting the cape will fit the baby!
Not so sure about it, but it does fit really well, no puckers. Now on to the hood...

An experimental shape, a basic hood shape allowing for the front fold-back (see top photo of cape) and back pleats:
It worked pretty well. I basted it to the cape today.

Hee hee, the cape shrunk but the hood is the right size... I really like it.

Now to work on the triangular piece that goes over the cape front and behind the shoulders. Looking at S&S again, I am sure it is sewed on and the seam is visible in front covered in decorative braiding or something. (Update: upon a clearer and closer look, it is just the seam stitched down with a running hand stitch... I think... am I right? But the rest of the edges have some sort of trim/fringe--can't quite tell what or how!)

My piece of experimental fabric is running out! Next experiment will have to be closer to the real thing, with a lining. Maybe I'll make one for the baby!

I wonder what the cape was made out of. I wonder what I should make it out of. I think rose-colored crushed velvet with pink satin lining sounds delightful! I wonder what trim would be used with crushed velvet?

UPDATE: Used pattern and costume fabric to give it a try.

The rose-color material wasn't my thing after all. I went with black and pink. I suppose it is not what Marianne would have worn unless she was in mourning! But perhaps it modernizes the cape somewhat.

Had trouble with the hood for a while, and ended up trimming a lot off... after it was all sewn together! I figured if I made a mistake, it didn't matter. I would probably be consigning this to a dress-up box anyway. But after a while I came to like it quite a bit. It is very fun to wear!

As you can see I left off all the triangular effects. Especially on the hood (I did not want to look like a big black kittycat with pink ears!), and the material was too stretcy to fool around with too much. I just made two layered capes and sandwiched the hood inbetween. I think next time, I'll make the front ends squared instead of tapered (if there is a next time).
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