Monday, June 25, 2007

Can you find the Keys of Heaven?

image from (this site tells how to grow it)

(reprinted from the June 1994 Pleasant Times)

"Around the church of Christ building there is a flower called "Keys of Heaven." Mrs. Sherman has some around her house and she says that they're eternal. Anyway, they are a tall plant with pointy leaves in sets of two on the stem, and a globe on top full of very dark pink flowers. You may find some around your house, but of course the real way to find the keys of heaven is found in the book of Acts, chapter two."

Editor's note: Thanks to an overzealous weeder, the Keys of Heaven (which are known as Centranthus ruber ) disappeared from around the church building several years ago (I think it was Tim E. Thanks a lot. ) and from the garden by the church house. But now Mrs. L.B. has kindly donated more, and the garden again has the keys of heaven blooming in it.
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