Thursday, June 28, 2007

For Young Ladies

This is an excerpt from the December 15th, 1894 issue of The Ladies Home Companion, and was written by the Editor of that magazine, who was a man.

"In these days, when the women of America are taking place in the front ranks of affairs, the girls are probably the better half of the population- of course they are. But girls and young ladies are not always without faults; they are like all of us, liable to blunder, and it is important that they set before themselves splendid ideals.

To be mothers of men, if men were only more godly, would certainly be the grandest mission intrusted to any of God's creatures. We are largely molded and shaped by our mothers, our sisters, and our sweethearts.

If the girls only knew how much we craved their smiles, their confidence and esteem, and how we look upon them as being our superiors in all that is good and true, they would be more guarded in their words and acts.

We think a pure, sweet woman the best of all God's creation. We want to see in you only what we can admire, adore. We don't like to see you flirting, or rude, laughing, loud or whistling. We don't' like to see you out of temper, or spiteful. We feel hurt when we find you in even little things untrue to yourself, or other girls. We never like to hear you speak in unkind tones of any one, especially of other girls; it so brings you down to earth, you know, and makes us think that after all we are most as good as you are.

When you are good and kind, we strive to be like you, and to be worthy of your love and best regard."

Editor's Note: This was written in 1894, I wonder if any of it is still true in today's society? Do girls really have that much influence on the men and boys around them? It is something to ponder.
Also, though laughing and whistling in public are no longer taboo, being flirtatious, rude, and overly loud is still offensive behaviour in polite society.

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