Friday, May 20, 2022

Temporary Kitchen

Gradually more and more of the kitchen moved from the inadequate RV to the house structure. For one thing the heat was too intense in the RV to cook any meal, and for another the counterspace in the RV was too tiny to prep family meals. Up at the house, we were running crockpots on heavy-duty extension cords and had set up a pantry of sorts. It was nice to work in the coolness of the house, but we still had a lot of leg-work as at this time I was washing ALL the dishes down at the RV. We made quite a parade after dinner, carrying all the pots, pans, bowls, dishes, cups, down the path. 

 Sometimes the meal was carried down to the RV, but sometimes we just ate on the porch, as the work table in the dining room had been moved away for other uses. 
"And why," you may ask, "didn't you just get take-out?" 
I still ask that question of myself... 

Speaking of the porch, I found this photo of how the boys managed to cut and fit the insulation around the porch rafters. It was somewhat like a puzzle but they made up their own system of which piece went where!

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