Friday, May 13, 2022

A Quick Aside: A (non construction) "Kitchen" Renovation

 I recently found in my construction photos some pics of this little kitchen set (I can't remember if I blogged it already or not). Some of you like thrift store stories so here is one for you! It will be a nice break from construction posts!

I was in the Willamette Valley (probably escaping smoke) for a visit one summer during the house-build, and while I was there my mother found this well-loved Pottery Barn kitchen set at Goodwill. She asked me if I thought she ought to get it... what a question! With all her discounts and coupons it was too much of a deal to pass up, it was solid wood and PINK! We would never be able to afford a Pottery Barn Kids set new (actually, we will probably never be able to buy any Pottery Barn furniture for that matter). This was our chance! We went by the family motto: buy it now to save money and ask where you're going to put it later. 

The sponge-bob style stickers would not come off no matter how hard we scrubbed, and it was missing some curtains and knobs. So, armed with Dollar Store decals and some fancy drawer pulls, we renovated this set and it turned out so CUTE!

It probably needed some touch-up paint but actually the Pottery Barn paint job was so smooth, we might have messed it up with brush strokes. It fits in with "shabby chic" to have a few rubbed-out spots. 

The missing knobs were replaced with fancy drawer pulls, probably from Hobby Lobby. 

Sponge-Bob stickers were overcome with roses. 

 This wee kitchen coordinates with my mom's house and currently lives in her dining room. It gets a lot of use from even the boy grandchildren. 

Back at home, there was a huge, expensiveseemingly un-ending un-finished project called  housebuilding looming over my family's head all the time. A little quickie project like this, affordable and with smashing results, is what I needed to feel like goals really were attainable.

Hope you enjoyed that little aside! Back to construction next post!

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