Tuesday, May 31, 2022

A little slice of RV living

 This story is not about this critter, though we saw a few of these during construction. But I wouldn't have taken any pictures of the one that this post is about!

I was forced out of the RV one week by a bigger kind of critter. 

Evidence was first seen on the beds. All the beds. Traps were set and everything cleaned up. 

But then one night the critter was in the bed with me, squeaking

Can you blame me for moving out??

The boys set up temporary quarters in the house, putting some of that handy rigid insulation up in a small room to make temporary "walls." Beds were made up on the subfloor (think Heidi and Little House stories) and we camped out until the mouse was caught. We banished thoughts of spiders (or worse) in comparison with rodents crawling over us at night.

Only one mouse was found, but the damage he did RV-wide was enough to give us the impression that a whole gang of mice had taken over the place. We discovered that the mouse was using the gas stove for an entry. We blocked every hole we could find, including the entire stove-top. We emptied the drawers and set traps. All items staying in the RV were put in plastic containers. When I moved back to the RV, I put little box "tunnels" with mousetraps at the head and foot of my bed. But sleep was lost for a while with every little noise...

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