Monday, November 4, 2013

The Celebration of November

If it weren't for some of the junior members of our staff, we would live a very dull life! On the 2nd, after a dramatic day of rain storms and wind which swept the lawn of leaves at little trouble to ourselves, a very dark evening descended upon us. Our little gifted hostess wanted to have a tea party to celebrate the new month of November. A tea party...right now. Since it was about supper time, it was decided we would have tea for a light supper, for a change.

While the cooks in the kitchen started the menu that the hostess wrote out, the latter sat down and created invitations.  

Who could refuse such an invitation? Not one!

The menu:
Pumpkin cupcakes from Sugar Pie Farmhouse
Open-face turkey and muenster cheese toasted sandwiches (these were topped with mandarin orange slices, not pictured)
Tiny maple-leaf shaped scones with Apple butter or apricot jam, and whipped cream
Sliced cucumbers with vinegar, oil, and dill
Sliced cucumbers with laughing cow cream cheese dollops
Deep fried eggplant bites
Bengal spice tea and milk