Tuesday, November 12, 2013

2013 Christmas Tree Inspiration Part 2: More Nature Trees

More trees from the hardware store. The one above, with the antlers sticking out all over it, seems a little over the top for all but the dedicated deer hunter! I like the bear nestled in the tree about half-way down. Little brush animals, and pheasant feathers filled this one out, along with clusters of bright red berries and shiny pine cones. 
The bird-tree (there was a nicer name for this, but alas I cannot recall it) has nests, little birdhouses, berries and of course lots of birds. 

This is the gardening tree-- again I cannot recall the actual name. (Sorry for the blurry photo-- I took it with an iPad, but it would have been a lot clearer with the iWonderful.) This tree is full of -and you gentlemen gardeners will have to excuse the language- CUTE things! Wee gardening clogs, wee wellies, wee garden aprons, wee golden bee skeps, sparkling butterflies and dragonflies made from jewels.

Garden gnomes, fairies, glass pine cones and seed packets were placed among the balls and poinsettias to fill in the rest, and for the big stuff sticking out of the tree, the designers have put butterfly nets here and there. 

Of interest is this little wooden suspension bridge, around the back of the tree. It was suspended between the tree and a bin of butterfly nets. Was if for the gnomes or the fairies? 

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