Thursday, November 21, 2013

2013 Christmas Tree Inspiration part 8: Starry Night

Now I do remember the name of this tree-- Starry Night. 

It was hard to decide between the Sage tree, the Gold tree, and this tree, but I think this one was my favorite. 
It is simply full of snowflakes, stars, and ice. It does remind one of a very cold winter night! But a cold winter night with the Christmas lights reflecting in the snow from a nice, warm house. 

Here is "Starry Night" during the day. A silver mesh ribbon runs through the tree behind the ornaments. The tree seems simply to be one color theme-- but is it white, silver, clear, or iridescent? All of it combined makes for an interesting display! In the day you see more white, but at night the tree glows almost golden and has purple-blue reflections through the snowflakes. 

I don't know what to call these picks-- but they stick quite a ways out from the tree and had cascading jewels on them. Kind of strange, but it added to the winter-icy feeling of the tree. 

Hanging up next to the tree were these huge paper stars. 

I like to pull out some ideas from these trees, which I know are being used as fancy store shelves to sell the ornaments, that can be used at home. 
One is the wide ribbon garlands with bows here and there,
another idea is the use of stuffed animals in the tree, 
another is the idea that you can wire in big items for unexpected tree decor. 
The ornaments are of all shapes, 
some round, some long, some cascading, 
and lots of snowflakes and flowers in the mix. 
Add different shades of golds and silvers to whatever the theme color is. 
I haven't ever used picks before in a tree, but I am willing to try it this year. The hardware store guy showed me how long the picks they used were, quite a bit longer than the ones I have seen in the craft store. 
A tree can have a theme, even if not all the decorations on it are exactly of the theme. Ornaments that are family favorites can still be used, along with the other theme items. A color can tie everything together, or the addition of "fillers" such as stars, snowflakes, candy, snowmen, or flowers. 

And that concludes this year's tree tour!  I hope you all enjoyed it!
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