Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The News

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If you go over to Homeliving today, there is a good article up about News and the Homemaker. We will always hear about the national news. We can hardly avoid it. If you cut yourself off of internet, television, radio, and newspapers, your neighbor would be over telling you all the latest (at least there are no ads that way). You take what you hear and try to discern the truth of it. You do your part in helping where you are needed. That is just part of life. But as the article says, it is not good to submerge yourself in it to the point where you worry.

The news I like is news of personal victories, of the latest creative project someone has going, of the latest cooking feat of a friend, of a family's success, of mothers who are homeschooling their children and all the things they have discovered. I think some of the best news comes from home-and-craft bloggers! I like news of local things that concern me everyday- how the neighbor gets her chickens to lay more eggs than mine do or what that new building in town will be. I like family news, about what the baby can say now or that one of the children conquered tying shoelaces. I like homemade family newspapers!

We have a clerk in a local store who greets customers with, "What's the news?" If you tell him something negative, he'll say "no, I mean the good news." That makes me think: What better "Good News" can we share, talk about, and dwell on than the Gospel of Jesus Christ?
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