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Bible Lesson & Songs

Editor's Note: I found an old, typewritten Bible class lesson, which may have been my grandmother's. It looks to me like it may even be a "go-to" lesson for those times when she was asked to substitute teach a Bible class. She taught many different Bible classes over the years-- from little ones to ladies' classes.

The lessons quiz the students and helps them to memorize some of the basic facts of the Bible. Most of the lesson part seems to be notes or summaries to be elaborated on. All the songs I learned with different tunes, so I find getting the words to match these tunes a bit hard!

I've typed it out on the order it was given: 

The Books of the Bible (God's Library) 66 Books, 39 in the O.T. 27 in the N.T.


Books of the Old Testament (Tune: Did you ever see a Lassie?)
Let us sing the books of Moses, of Moses, of Moses, 
Let us sing the books of Moses, for he wrote the Law. 
First Genesis, second Exodus, third Leviticus, fourth Numbers, 
And the fifth is Deuteronomy, the last of them all.

Let us sing the books of History, of History, of History, 
Let us sing the books of History, which tell of the Jews. 
There's Joshua and Judges and the story of Ruth
Then First and Second Samuel, and First and Second Kings; 
Then Ezra, Nehemiah and Esther the Queen.

Let us sing the books of Poetry, of Poetry, of Poetry, 
Let us sing the books of Poetry, the songs the Jews sang. 
Job the patient, Psalms of David, and the Proverbs of a wise one, 
And then Ecclesiastes, and the Song of Solomon. 

Let us sing the Major Prophets, Major Prophets, Major Prophets, 
Let us sing the Major Prophets, they wrote five books in all. 
Isaiah, Jeremiah, who wrote Lamentations; 
Then Ezekiel and Daniel were true to our God. 

Let us sing the Minor Prophets, Minor Prophets, Minor Prophets, 
Let us sing the Minor Prophets, there are twelve of them all. 
Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah; Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk;
Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah-- Malachi--. 


Jacob's Sons and their Tribes (Tune: Whosoever Will)
Jacob lived in Canaan-- There he had twelve sons, 
Reuben, Simeon, Levi,-- Judah, Zebulen;
Issachar and Asher, Naphtali, and Dan;
Joseph, Gad, and Benjamin--

In the land of Egypt, -- Joseph had two sons.
Ephraim and Manasseh-- A tribe named for each one;
The tribes were twelve in number, -- but the Levites too had one, 
Thus were all the tribes-- begun.


The 3 religious ages of man:

2500 yrs.                              
Genesis & Job                     
Adam, Enoch, Methuselah,   
Noah, Flood, Babel,
Abraham, Isaac, Jacob
Exodus chapters 1-11, Moses Born, leads them out. 
Job tells of Patriarchal law.

1500 yrs.
Mosaic Law, Mt. Sinai
Joshua leads, Jericho
Judges, to Samuel
Saul, David, Solomon, Divided kingdom
Captivity- Came back
All prophets spoke of Christ coming.

Till He Comes

Matthew, Mark, Luke, John Acts-Revelation  

New Testament 
Study, Trust, Believe, OBEY

ALL of God's Word is TRUE. The Old Testament was for the Jewish Nation. The New Testament is for the Whole World and will make all people into one great Brotherhood IF they will all Believe and OBEY IT.

Books of the New Testament (Tune: More About Jesus Would I Know.)
Matthew, Mark, Luke and John-- Acts and the Book of Romans--
First and Second Corinthians-- Galatians and Ephesians. 

Philippians, Colossians-- First and Second Thessalonians--
First and Second Timothy-- Titus and Philemon. 

Hebrews, and James-- First and Second Peter--
First, Second, and Third John-- Jude and Revelation.

(How many did Paul write? John? Luke? Peter? )


The Apostle Song (Tune: Bringing in the Sheaves)
There were twelve Apostles, Jesus called to help Him, 
Simon Peter, Andrew, James and brother John;
Phillip, Thomas, Matthew, -- James the son of Alpheus;
Thaddeus, Simon, Judas, and Bartholomew--

But Judas was not true-- and Matthias took his place; 
Then Jesus sent Paul to preach to-- all the Gentile race. 
He also calls for you-- He also calls for you, 
Are you His disciple--? you His work must do.


Which law are we under now- Patriarchal, Mosaic, or Christ's?


Let us learn where we read about the different men and women of the Bible.
What book of the Bible do we read about-- Adam & Eve; Noah, Abraham?
What book of the Bible tells us about Moses? About the Hebrews coming out of Egypt?
Which book tells us about Joshua leading his people around Jericho?
Where do we read about the Judges? About Samson?
Who was Samuel? Saul? David? Solomon?
Where do we read about Christ's birth, life, death, Resurrection?
What did Jesus tell His Apostles to do?
Where do we turn to read about the church starting? And how many men and women can be added to the church?
Where do we turn to read how to live a Christian life?
Who does the last book tell of?
How many people will God save?

Remember that ALL of God's book, the Bible, is true. We live under His New Law. This New Law is the Law of Christ. That is why we do NOT offer a lamb, burn incense, use mechanical instruments in our worship.


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