Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Card Making Center

As of last week, in order to make a card, I had to run to one room and pull rubber stamps out of a drawer, then run to another room for the paper and ink, and if I wanted to use the Cuttlebug to emboss anything I had to dig in my fabric cupboard for it. It sure discouraged card-making! Just thinking about making a card was tiring! I decided I needed a dedicated space for the hobby. As of today, the new space is complete! This paper crafting space is now along one wall in the dining-room. A corner shelf formerly dedicated to antique china is now housing a combined collection of rubber stamps (mother, daughter, grandchild's). 

The desk top is covered in pretty scrapbooking paper, and then clear plastic over that. The desk drawers house papers and supplies, as do the scrapbook storage drawers next to it. Everything is now in reach!
Our rubber stamp collections are 23 years in the making! I wanted to see every stamp we had, so I commissioned a stair-step shelving system to be made that fit the corner shelves...
...made out of duplos.
And while you're at it, have a "Stamp-a-ma-jig" (A positioning tool) made for you, too. (if you are curious as to what this is, here is a video about it.
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