Friday, April 29, 2011

Help for Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice-- What to Wear Next Time

For the viewing of the Royal Wedding today, our staff here at The Pleasant Times enjoyed a Royal Wedding Breakfast which was catered in to the viewers, some of whom are half or quarter British, and the others who claim relatives in Scotland and Northern Ireland. We were quite pleased with the ceremony, and that so many people all over the world could hear about what God wants marriage to be.

A universally acknowledged distraction to the solemn, beautiful and touching wedding ceremony of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge today, was the Duke's cousins, Beatrice and Eugenie, specifically their hats. I have not been paying attention to these two ladies since they were little girls in cute smocked dresses. Alas, from what I saw today, I think they need help in developing a sense of what dignified fashion is for dignified events. For this they need look no further than their grandmother the Queen.

Though this is a bit late for them to wear today, it is something to keep in mind for the next Royal or National event:
 I know we are not supposed to judge books by their covers, but for my purposes in this fashion show, I am going to make some assumptions based upon the dresses that the two Princesses wore to the wedding. First, because she wore the more outrageous outfit of the two, I will show what I think would become Princess Beatrice:
 It seems to me, that this young woman likes to stand out in a crowd. She likes to get attention by dressing "differently" and shows no embarrassment in sporting her new ensembles. Therefore, in order to satisfy that urge and to maintain a royal bearing, I suggest the above outfit: the "cavalieress" look. Done in her national colors, it is sure to bring attention but also approval. The blue coat is conservative enough to satisfy what we all expect of Royalty, but the large collar, elbow-length coat sleeves with white puffed cuffs showing from underneath, and big gold buttons add a touch of the unexpected. The skirt or dress beneath is of a similar shade of blue, only in a lighter material. The "outrageous" comes from the hat, pinned up at one end, which can have as many giant white, soft ostrich feathers as the Princess should require. A wide, bright red ribbon provides attention-grabbing contrast. The shoes complete the look with big gold buckles.

Her sister, Eugenie, struck me as trying to bring a sweet, feminine element to her look, with the bows trimming her suit top, and a full skirt. However, the suite style, with so many horizontal lines, was a bit "choppy" looking.  I believe that a wrap-dress effect might look good on Princess Eugenie, and above I offer a suggestion for a soft, feminine dress that can be customized as to number of flowers and size of hat.  A shawl-looking front on the dress adds a puff sleeve look to the shoulders, but not obvious or stiff. The roses can be made of the same material or silk, and can cascade diagonally down the skirt or not; a bunch may be left at the waistline for a contrast. The skirt is almost straight, but with a slight flare, and trim on the sleeves and skirt is soft and not too puffed or bunchy gathers. This dress is made in a lovely pastel color, a softened royal purple, perhaps, or maybe it could be done up in pink. Whatever color compliments what the queen is wearing at the time should be considered.

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