Friday, April 1, 2011


Today I would like to share with you this beautiful painting, done by Federico Andreotti  of Italy**
I just love the elegant gown on the lady!***
It looks like a fancy gown for walking in the garden and reading letters! She looks as fine as if she were going out to some event, or to the opera.****
I love the color of the gown, that sky blue,*****
and the satin reflects the light so well.******
She looks very cheerful, with roses in her hair.*******
And isnt' the background lovely?******** 
I hope that you enjoyed this pretty painting as much as I do!*********

(Painting: The Love Letter by Frederico Andreotti, from wikimedia commons)

*Written for the benefit of many blogging friends. Make sure you cover all the bases. 

**Today I am favoring an Italian artist, but not that I have anything against artists from anywhere else, like, for instance, France, though some in this country refused to eat French Fries for a while (and I suppose that French chefs would scorn to eat our French Fries themselves) I have nothing against the French personally, or their painters, or their food, and do not participate in any animosity towards the said country, I just chose this painting today. Though I have no Italian in my blood, I do like Italian things, especially pasta and pizza. Not that American pizza is like the original-- though I am not saying anything bad about American Pizza vs. Italian Pizza (not that I have ever had the real thing-- that is to say not that Americans do not have the real thing either--) because I am sure, well, "to each his own." And of course we always like to try something new here. 

***not that I think that everyone ought to wear elegant evening gowns, on the contrary, I think that everyone should just wear what is appropriate to themselves. 

****I am not condoning wasting time going places in elegant gowns, nor am I condemning going to the opera. I realize that the operas have terribly wicked story lines, but I am sure that some people just enjoy the music. If you go to the opera on a regular basis, please understand that I am not against you, but if you are against the opera, please understand that I am not condoning the plot lines of operas, or the lives of the operatic singers. Not that I am against operatic singers in general, nor those who have a vibrato to their singing voice. And if you enjoy going places in elegant gowns, that is your right to do that with your time.

*****I am not making a statement against any other colors, or trying to put forth this particular blue above all other hues of blues. Nor am I bashing anyone's favorite color choice. 

******not that satin is the best material to reflect light. I also want to make a statement here that I am all for durable fabrics, of which satin is not one, and would not recommend satin for regular use. Not that I go around doing that, or know by experience, but I am afraid that someone out there will think I am promoting satin instead of sturdy cotton. Not that I am for cotton and against linen or wool, you understand.

*******I realize it is impractical to wear roses in your hair all the time, I am sure this lady did this just for the painting, and did not go around trying to wear flowers. Also, in the old days the roses were not sprayed with pesticides, and I would caution anyone today putting roses in their hair that have been sprayed with pesticides. And I apologize for the lady in the painting if she did not cut the roses herself, but had her gardener do it, so as to be wearing roses off the backs of the poor. My hopes are she harvested them herself. Not that I am against people who prefer to hire themselves out as gardeners. Also I do not condone the death of ostriches to harvest the feathers, or poachers who do so. On the other hand, I am not promoting ostrich feather farms, but if you happen to be an ostrich farmer that is your choice and I am not condemning you. 

********not that I am all for people living in the country as opposed to the city-- I think that certain people could be equally happy in either place. If this is a rich lady on her estate, I apologise, because I do not believe in slavery. However, I am not assured that this is a rich lady, though it is highly likely. And I am not sure she has slaves. Not that I have anything against rich people, I'd sure like to be rich myself, but not that I have anything against being poor and I am poor myself (currently) not that I want to complain or anything. 

********* My readers must understand that they do not HAVE to enjoy this painting, I just HOPE they do, I realize that everyone has different tastes, and I respect the right of all my readers to have different tastes in artwork, however I think something is beautiful I do not insist that everyone find it beautiful. In acknowledging that I keep the right to find  things on your blogs beautiful or not, according to my tastes, not that I am against your blogs at all or you blogging about paintings that you think are beautiful. I respect your right to blog beautiful pictures, and I just want you to know that. 

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