Friday, December 10, 2010

Snowstorm Coming!

(the good thing about paper snowflakes is you do not have to drive in them)

A reminder that The Pleasant Times Snowflake Event  will be starting on Sunday!

The event is from December 12-18

You can:
Make your own patterns for paper snowflakes to show on your blog (design blank here),
Show photos of your paper snowflake decorations (whether your own or one from another pattern)
Show photos of other snowflake crafts, be they

and more
You can also:
Share photos of real snow around your area,
Share your favorite snowflake-related links,
Share any of your home-schooling activities that are snow-related,
Show off your snow-flake shaped sugar cookies on your grandmother's snowflake themed china,
Show your holiday dresses made from sparkly snowflake fabric,
Or whatever is related!

If you have something with snowflakes in your etsy shop, or want to remind folks of an old post you had up on snowflakes, please feel free to join in!

You can get announcement "posters" here. 

This will not be a contest, and there will be no prizes, but we hope you will have a flurry of fun with your family making snowflakes!

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