Saturday, December 11, 2010

Free-Hand Snowflakes

Thank you everyone who has played in the snow with us so far! We can only rustle up some rain and a tornado outside around these parts, but it is snowing paper inside!

Here are some custom-designed snowflakes for you to enjoy (I haven't scanned them in for patterns yet, if anyone is really really in need of a pattern, I'll share it, just email me! -Editor). You will have to look at them carefully to see the objects!
This is a wee little book snowflakes. Can you see the little open books? Wouldn't this be cute with some miniature text on the books?

 A "seamstress's snowflake" has threaded needles, spools, and in the middle is a pincushion with pins around it.
 A tool snowflake, with hammers, screwdrivers, and screws around the outside, and nails and a bolt in the middle.

 A gardener's snowflake, with shovels, hoes, and pots of tulips.

A "paper snowflake nut's" snowflake. This one was made by tracing the scissors used to make the paper snowflakes. You can kind of see the handles, and the blades all criss-cross to the middle.

Here are some snowflakes that our staff made up.  More to come! Be sure to check back! Remember, I'll be pre-dating these so that the Snowflake Tea post (with your entries) stays at the top, so you'll have to scroll down to see the new entries.

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