Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Paper Chains-Glittered and Recycled

More paper decor from our Crafts Editor Miss Paste:

With the leftover paper ends from cutting the square for the snowflakes, I made a glitter-edged paper chain for the tree:

Run the glue along the edge of a strip of paper quickly and dip in glitter.
 (or you can do a bunch all at once, and separate them, but you have to work quickly this way so the glue edges do not dry before you get them glittered.)

 Each "link" had one side in pink glitter, and one in silver glitter. 
 String a line up and dry your "links" before you make them into a chain. 

And to do penance for using all that paper (how many trees had to die for my snowflakes? Do I get any points for using a fake tree?) I made a "recycled" paper chain out of business reply cards. 

Yes, out of these. 

 I cut them into strips (the ones from Victoria magazine are pink and blue), and stapled them together with colored staples into a chain. 

 The chain was for decorating this very small table-top tree, but some little elfin person beat me to it. Is this a joke?

The finished chain. Not too bad, I think!
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