Thursday, June 4, 2009

Summer Skills

On those summer afternoons when it is too hot to do anything, why not take the opportunity to learn some new skills? Here is a website that offers free drawing lessons:

Here are some lesson sheets for learning beautiful penmanship:

And some beautiful examples of penmanship to inspire you:

(Even just practicing your printing to make it crisp, clear, and even would be a good use of an afternoon. Good writing, whether it is swirly penmanship, or neat and tidy print, is a good skill to have. A girl who practices her handwriting will be able to use it to teach someday, whether in church or at home with her own children. How many times have you seen someones writing on a chalkboard that, though in large letters, is perhaps scribble and difficult to read? Boy. too, will not regret the extra time taken to practice their writing.)

When you have practiced learning some basic drawing, and have your writing skills in good shape, you can start a notebook in which to use both. When I was a girl, I had a notebook in which I wrote a scripture from the Psalms every day, and a small sketch underneath the verse, or faintly behind the verse. This small little notebook is now one of my favorite treasures of my girlhood.

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