Thursday, June 4, 2009


I have found many inspiring things to give me a "boost" in home school this year, and remind me of my goals in home education.

First of all, a sermon on training up a child on Mother's day gave examples of things that every parent should do with their children, or teach their children, at certain ages:

At ages 1-4 a child can:
Learn the books of the Bible
Listen to Bible stories
Draw Bible pictures or color while listening to the stories
Memorize Bible verses

At ages 5-8 a child can:
Memorize lists such as the twelve sons of Jacob or the 12 apostles
Memorize Psalms 1 & 23
Memorize the Sermon on the Mount
Understand the division between the Old Testament and the New Testament
Read/listen to more Bible stories from their Bible texts
Make a Bible Timeline (when did these stories happen?)
Make a game of finding Bible passages quickly
Take simple sermon notes

At ages 9-12 a child can:
Memorize more Bible passages, such as Philippians 2:1-11
Study Proverbs (one chapter read each morning for a month is a good life-long habit to start)
Learn to outline a sermon and take better notes
Illustrate sermons
Boys can learn to preach 5-minute sermons
Read Psalms
Read the Bible by themselves daily and ask questions
Parents should provide study aids (Bible Dictionary, Maps, Concordance) and teach children how to use them.

At ages 13+ a child can:
Go through a Bible correspondence course
Read Bible through
Read good articles and books
Find passages in the Bible to answer problems or questions
Learn Bible doctrines
Learn Bible passages that relate to everyday life
Work more with the Bible aids (Maps, concordance, dictionaries)
Read biographies of Christian preachers, and church history
Subscribe to and read materials such as "THINK" magazine and Gospel Advocate

As parents we can teach our children through our experiences, be good listeners, and pray for and with our children.

(Sermon given on Mother's Day, 2009)

The other inspiration I found were the articles at Trivium Pursuit. Several of these articles are in catagories according to "levels" which your child might be in. This sort of went hand in hand with the above sermon in my mind. I read many of these articles aloud to my husband, and it helped us to think about what our long-term goals were with home schooling. I liked the reminder to take the Classical Hebrew goals in education (Spiritual training, occupational training, and marriage training) and interweaving them with the academics.

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