Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dimensional Cards

By Miss Paste, The Pleasant Times Craft Editor

Here is a way to make an ordinary card into a dimensional cards. I have been keeping my eye out for cards that I can cut up and redo into pop-ups. 
The card at left is from a set of cards someone gave me. It is tasteful and elegant as is, but it was fun to make the one at right "pop out" and sparkle!

First I cut around the vase and the bouquet. I went ahead and cut into the card from the edge (at the table part) to get to the middle. Afterwards I just seal the cut back up again. 

Second, I pasted a paper over the hole from the back. 

Then taking the piece I cut out, I cut the bouquet off of the vase, and glittered the bouquet. 

I used strips of card stock and zig-zag folded them, to make different heights of "stands" for the picture. I had to be careful placing these because they will make the design lean if they aren't put just so! I could have used mounting tape as well, and it would perhaps be less wobbly, but this way the card collapses nicely for mailing. 

I put the vase and flowers back where they came from, with the flowers taller than the vase. Then I wrapped a bow around the vase, just for fun. 
Here is a side view, showing the folded paper "stands."

I think I may do some modified Valentine cards this way!
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