Wednesday, January 28, 2009

1930's "Crazy Quilt" Robe

This is a robe that my Great-Grandmother made for her daughter (my Grandma Lucile) when Grandma was a teenager. Unfortunately by the time it was done it was too small for her. Grandma kept it anyway and then when I was 16 or so, she gave it to me. Unfortunately, it was too small for me, too! But it is so beautiful, my mother suggested we keep it for a decoration!

There are silky fabrics in it, and velvet, and flannel, and other kinds. There are floral prints, and feather prints, and even a print with baby rattles on it! I like to look at each one and try to imagine what kind of dress it might have been, or what the print would have been used for. The embroidery is done in different colored embroidery thread, and done thickly.

Would this be called a dressing gown? Grandma just called it a "robe."
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