Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Rosebud Dress

At last, some finished projects!Here is a new gown made from the Sense & Sensibility Regency Dress Pattern. The fabric is a burgundy rosebud and half-blown rose on a light pink background. Narrow burgundy ribbon trims the bodice, sleeves, and hem.

Back view. The skirt is gathered all the way across the back, rather than just the center back.

The dress seemed rather plain, and though I intend to make a little vest to go with it, who knows when that will ever come to pass. So I borrowed my mother's shawl collar to wear over the neckline. This is my favorite accessory:) One of these days I will have to make my own!

The back of the collar is a long "V." It makes a dress seem so romantic! The collar is made of lightweight cotton (like a voile) and has a bias ruffle around it.

Here is a matching toddler jumper made out of the rosebud scraps and some toile scraps.

The buttons are little sparkly pink roses.

Even baby doll got a little gown, out of scraps!

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