Monday, December 22, 2008

On The Tenth Day of Christmas

It's getting clo-ser!

Feeling a little relieved since I have so many things now to give, I embarked on another set of bags for a family I know. It seemed a more ambitious pattern, but it is not too far removed from the wall pockets I did yesterday. These little bags are for lunches, and the big bag for the mum, for mums always end up carrying everything anyway:)

I got the pattern here. I am interested in all the different ways to give shape to a bag, because the only way I have done it is to make side gussets. The way shown in this pattern was not too different from the wall pockets yesterday, yet I found it harder to get it accurate. Also, even though I thought the animal fabric for the little bags was an all-over print, somehow I managed to sew the upright animals into the side seams, and leave the upside-down ones on the front! 

I have discovered that stiffening the material I am working with using interfacing or my favorite, Pellon Craft Fuse, makes things seem more "professional" looking. I am using up little bits of what I have left of interfacing. The sewing stash seems only a little relieved despite all the things I have been making! 

Looking for sheet music for the Christmas lullaby, "Still, Still, Still," last night, I ran across this site. I did not personally care for the arrangement after I printed it out, but it struck me I could gift it to another. I like to print out my sheet music on card stock, and with a cover page decorated for Christmas, it would make a nice gift for a pianist in a family!

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