Thursday, December 11, 2008

On the First Day of Christmas


Are you supposed to be here?

If you received an email from me today telling you NOT to look at my blog until after Christmas, then you must click out now.

I mean that.

Don't go any further.

Are they gone?

Okay then! To the rest of you: Welcome to my Christmas Countdown! This is where you can share my experiences in the panic of the season. I am always one to put things off until the last minute- I cannot seem to get motivated until absolutely necessary- and boy howdy am I am trouble!

Fortunately for my husband's wallet, I dislike elbowing my way through the Christmas shopping crowds very much. As a matter of fact, before I was married I decided to avoid shopping as much as possible in December.
The best way to avoid the crowds (and save money!) is to stay home and sew. But that option combined with my last minute habits puts me in quite a quandary. So I spent an afternoon looking through the most excellent site, Sew Mama Sew (it is on the sidebar) and printing out marvelous ideas to put in my gift idea notebook. To keep me going, I told myself I was only allowed to blog when I got a project done:) And I hope to inspire someone who may be on here late at night looking for some easy last minute ideas!
Everyone should try this pretty wallet for the tea-lovers on your gift list. Do not be daunted by the length of the instructions, it is incredibly easy to make! Here are a few I did for the ladies on my list who enjoy tea, and share my fondness for Victorian looking things. Also, one for a "country girl at heart". I just used scraps, it only takes four 5"x7" pieces!
Tea Wallets

A pretty cabin tea wallet.

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