Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Pleasant Times Idea House of the Year

Today, the Editor and her family had the distinct pleasure of visiting a beautiful house that I am declaring the "Idea House of the Year" for my area of the world. I would like to take my readers on a little tour, though I must beg forgiveness for some of the photos being rather blurry. Either the photographer has an unsteady hand, is holding a baby while taking the pictures, or it was because the camera was flashing "no batteries" at the time. Rule #1 (to add to all other rule #1's on our lists): always charge the camera before going someplace amazing.

The House belongs to Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, and Mr. Johnson designed and built it. It overlooks a lake.

Mrs. Johnson is a self-taught decorator, and I must say that her talented decorating style compliments her husband's building talents. Mr. Johnson built both fireplace mantels, and designed many delightful nooks and crannies into the house, which Mrs. Johnson fills with treasures that bring joy to the beholder.

Mrs. Johnson is from England, and there is a gentle English influence in both the design and decor of the house. Below we see the foyer on the left, entering into the family room, which has a view of the lake.

Here is an unfortunately blurry photo of some of the beautiful pictures adorning the foyer. Mrs. Johnson finds many treasures at estate sales, garage sales, auctions and markets, and I must say has quite an eye for finding these things! Many of the paintings in her home are the ones that we bloggers enjoy putting on our blogs to make them beautiful, and she has managed to find them at these various sales.

From the foyer, you notice that opposite of the family room is a step up to a small hall. This I found a charming part of the house. Below you see that as we step up and into this hall, the back doors come in sight, and they happen to be antique bank doors found at an auction! The times of business hours are still etched on the doors.

Here by the back doors we see a beautiful floral arrangement, which is one of Mrs. Johnson's many talents.

A picture opposite of the entry table shows a charming Cottage in England.

Below is a basement or closet door opposite the back doors. Now this is my kind of door! It looks like a real door ought to, and it is one I don't mind looking at, for I think it has elegant style. Why shouldn't our interior and utilitarian doors deserve as much attention to beauty and detail as we put into our front doors?

Below we have several interior shots of the living or sitting room, a charming room with an "angels watch over me" theme, Mrs. Johnson says.

Next we have some photos of the powder room- a desk has become a sink, and beaded lampshades cover wall sconces on either side of the mirror. Another floral arrangement adds beauty above the mirror. Beaded trim has been added to the guest towels, and even the back of the door gets a special treatment: a little coat, purse, and bouquet hang from hooks as a little surprise.

In the master bedroom are some interesting pieces, such as this pretty painting...

...a little bench that I can only describe as a doll's church pew!

And this one: A lady gave Mrs. Johnson this very interesting chair when a grandchild was born. It is a rocker with a cradle attached- what a brilliant idea! I would have loved to have one like this when my babies were at their fussy parts of infancy! How handy to be able to rock a babe to sleep and then easily put them to bed without having to struggle in and out of the rocker with them.

Mr. Johnson took care to place the Master bedroom towards the view.

Here we have the kitchen next, done in the theme, "I am the Vine, ye are the branches." Thus grapes play a big role in this room! They can be found adorning the canisters, the dishes, the candles, and a lot of other things!

These interesting doors were ordered for the house-- one says "Pantry" and the other "Laundry."

The laundry room will soon have a "sheep" theme, as in "He cares for His sheep" and Mrs. Johnson has already collected some beautiful sheep to display! We shall have to go back for another tour when it is ready. Meanwhile, here are some funny little characters: these are egg warmers that Mrs. Johnson bought in England. We have here below, l-r, daddy, brother, sister, mother and baby with a pacifier! Mrs. Johnson enjoys serving her eggs up with this family when her granddaughters come to visit.

And now to the dining room, set for a spot of tea for the guests.
Mr. Johnson included plenty of built-in storage for Mrs. Johnson in the dining room. Our gracious hostess:
I am sorry I was not able to take more pictures! But I do hope that you enjoyed a few of the ideas of this Home Tour today!
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