Monday, September 24, 2007

Enjoying Autumn

Victorian Autumn

Victorian Autumn
Limited Edition

Kinkade, Thomas
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Autumn is my favorite time of year!

Have you ever watched the leaves fall?
Of course, you know that they fall,
but have you ever stood so still that you could see one little leaf fall all the way from the top of the tree?
Have you ever heard the sound one leaf makes coming down,
hitting all the branches,
and finally the ground?
One a windy day, have you ever watched the travels of one leaf until it was out of sight?
Have you ever sat on the step outside early in the morning
and listened to the fog say nothing?
Have you ever heard the wind laugh at you?
Have you ever had the wind kiss your cheeks and nose?
Have you ever thrilled over cutting a pumpkin off the vine that you grew in your garden?
Do you ever listen to the rain?
If not, you are really missing life.
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