Saturday, June 3, 2023

Master Bath Hexagons

Upstairs in the master suite, we went fancy. We chose a hexagon tile for a vintage look, throwing another "learning curve" at our handy tile-guy.

First, the Tile Guy had to level the space.

 Then, he had to fit the tile. The little tiles come on a mesh, but there are all kinds of spaces to work around and special shapes that need to be cut. 

There is always a "dry run" that you have to do to make sure it will all fit and lay the way it is supposed to. 

Then it is mudding, setting (or whatever they call it!) and trying to get it level. These little tiles were harder to get perfectly flat than the big ones! 

Light grey grout finished it up. I really like this floor! It is beautiful and brightens the room. 

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