Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Another Crazy Idea

While floors were being tiled, kitchen cabinets planned out, and work deadlines were being met, time marched on. It was yet another winter and another Christmas was coming soon. My husband and I went to the Big City to get some presents for the children. 
We shouldn't have done it. 
We "enable" each other when we do Christmas shopping together. This time turned out to be the worst "enabling" yet. 

We did have a list; as a matter of fact one of our children wanted to learn to play the piano so we already had a portable keyboard in mind from a craigslist ad. It would be small, lightweight, and have headphones so he would not bother anyone when he played it. With construction still going on at the house, it was important that we did not bring in "clutter" or big items that would be unmovable or in the way all the time. We lived without furniture for that reason. 

On the way to pick up some other items, we stopped in at ReStore to look at appliances.
It was so small, so sweet in tone. We don't need it. But wouldn't it make us happy? We don't need it. Walk past it. Walk past it again. Oh look, it fits in the van...

Yes, we knew it was a bad idea to put a piano on its back. We risked it.

Yes it was also a bad idea to put a Costco haul on the piano that was on its back. We risked it. Later we put that craigslist plastic keyboard on top of all this, too. The seller said "You shouldn't have a piano laying on its back like that." We know; we risked it.

Our older boys never knew what they were going to have to haul up the three-story driveway by hand. In the dark, too. 

A piano at a construction site... just another one of our crazy ideas. 

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