Thursday, March 30, 2023

The Decline of Civilization Part 3

 The next morning, I talked to my brother to relate all of our adventures. As usual, he had some stories to swap. 

He was in his local big box hardware store trying to get some paint last week. It was the same paint he'd been using for a project, from the same place, purchase recently; he just needed a couple extra gallons to finish up. The conversation went something like this:

Paint counter lady: "Computer says there is none of that paint left."

"What about in the back room?"


"Have you checked on the shelf?"

"I didn't see any. Computer says there is none here."

Other paint counter lady comes up. "Oh hi! You were the one painting your barn, weren't you? We have some of that paint left, I just saw two more gallons on the shelf." Helpful Other lady gets him the paint.

First paint counter lady shrugs and says "The computer says we don't have any."

Going to purchase lumber was worse. He needed twenty 2x4's. The bill rang up at $41.00. My brother tried to explain to the gal behind the register that although he would love a bargain like that, the bill should be around $300 given the price per foot. Young Gal says "$41 is what the computer says it is." Round and round it went. Finally after getting nowhere with her and the number on the computer, a manager shows u. The manager, pushes her out of the way, rings up the proper price, and then leaves. Young Gal is left embarrased, mumbling "That was, like, not very helpfuuulll...."

It sure wasn't! 

Then to top off the morning's stories, he had told me about someone who had recently been at a restaurant. The man went up to pay his bill and the cashier lady gave him $1,000 in change! He had to explain to her that it was the wrong amount. Can you guess her reply by now? 

"That's what the computer says it is." 

I realize that it is hard for employers to find workers nowadays. I think these employees would be excellent in their jobs, if they were to receive more and proper training. Lesson #1 is Customer Service tops the computer! Give employees some options around the computer if it is not cooperating. Train in whatever math skills needed so that the business will not be cheated by electronics! 

Perhaps new management is in order, if it could be found. Pulling capable people out of retirement to train the new workforce and be managers might be an option, if they could just face those computer programs.

(I am glad that we had none of us had reason to enter the medical system during these few days, we might have had a computer-diagnosis to argue with...)

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