Friday, March 10, 2023

Second Floor

Now lets go and see what the flooring progress was upstairs to forget the struggles of plumbing...
We used tongue-and-groove wood (not engineered) and although there were a few rough spots, I did not spend a week on my hands and knees filling in all the knots. We would just fix any rough edges as needed. We tried wood filler in a few places, but it didn't work out. So we have the pioneer look, knotholes and all.  

When I come upstairs, I feel like I'm in a 100 year old farmhouse. 

I still get excited looking at this-- well any room this clean is exciting. 

Now for the finish...

In a way the second story feels so different from the first story. More drywall, a bit brighter, lower ceiling. The flooring is narrower than my "general store" style downstairs. Our idea was that the upper rooms would be a bit more "refined" than the all-wood look of the first floor, but it still has a feel of an old, established house up there. 

We did a couple wee floors. The reading cubby 

(which still needs to be stained, along with the stairs... you would not be impressed if you knew how long I have been putting that off...)

And the "dollhouse." I think I may have blogged a while ago about our struggles with the builders over the necessity of a built-in dollhouse so I won't elaborate here. It has a nice, matching floor like the rest of the house. 

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