Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Temporary Progress

While we are very thankful for all the beautiful elements that made up our house, we can also appreciate the humbler things.

 For $20 at a local ReStore we picked up a very deep utility tub with an attached faucet. It sure is ugly but is a  temporary fixture --Oh please, let it be temporary-- until we can finish out the laundry room cabinets and have an integrated sink.

We have found during this type of DIY house build we are doing, that if regular family life is going to happen simultaneously you have to put in some temporary stuff. And it feels like defeat sometimes, because you know you are going to have to take it out and replace it wen you finally get to what is on the plans. But "temporary" sure does help with the living part!

At the time the sink (which would look better in a garage) was a welcome addition to my summer kitchen!

After cooking in this generous space in the laundry room, we had to haul all of our cookware, dishes and utensils down the path to the hot RV to wash in its micro-kitchen. It was so nice to be able to stay up in the house and fit BIG pots, cutting boards and mixing bowls in a sink again. And to have a working tap indoors was nice, too. We did have to heat the water for the dishes but it still felt like progress! 

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