Friday, November 19, 2021

Another Spring, and Yet Another RV

 The winter had been exceptionally mild and was nearing its end. I didn’t know then how deep the well of Nancy’s hospitality went (surely she was sick of us?), but with that last RV long gone, we felt that there wasn't much of a chance that we would bump into another one to rent. 

 It was time to admit to ourselves that this house building adventure was going to take a lot longer than we thought. As affordable as our rent was with the previous two RV’s, it appeared that buying one was even cheaper. So, we packed up the kids and went to look at what we could afford locally.


Seems like all that was in our price range were fixer-uppers. As in, maybe we could gut this thing and... oh yes, we needed another construction project, didn't we? So we kept looking.

God blessed us with a great find in a bigger city about three hours away, and we bought a bunkhouse trailer. The sellers even delivered it to our town.  

It was smaller in living space, and had only one slide out, but the fact that the children had their OWN BEDS, as in NOT ON THE FLOOR like the last RV??? Oh, this was a step up in the world!
 These pictures are after we moved into it, but there is quite a story that came before that point.

We have a wonderful friend with a truck who is expert in RV matters (this is important-- always have a friend with a truck!) and was willing to help us. Poor man, he didn't know what he was in for. 

I stayed home for this story- which was a very wise thing to do- and have no photos to share of it, but picture a cold grey day in your mind.

Our friend picked up the RV and took it out to the site. It was a bit tricky to park the RV because it had to be backed uphill on the elevated RV pad, one side of which was a cliff. My husband and sons went out to help groom the gravel on the driveway and aid any way they could.

They were there all day. 

It rained, and the ground turned to mud. A fellow on an ATV came by, stating that he could have that thing up in 5 minutes for them. Not knowing the fellow, and thinking they could handle things themselves, they declined. 

It sleeted. They tried putting lumber down to make better traction for the truck. Mr. ATV came by and offered again. Sensing that the can he had been drinking from was not soda pop, they declined again.

It snowed. The boys looked on while the men were under the truck trying to arrange things for the wheels to get traction (thankfully the brakes didn't fail... don't do this at home, folks!). Mr. ATV came by, rather frustrated.

Hours later, wet, frozen, and discouraged, they stood there in the dark having exhausted all methods. They got so low that they handed the keys to Mr. ATV, and let him do whatever he wanted.

He had the RV backed up to the pad perfectly in 5 minutes. 



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