Thursday, August 29, 2013

Grocery Store Musings

'Your Grocer', trade card advertising AMC perfect cereals and flours, c.1887

I have plenty of occasion to muse over how going grocery shopping is like going into a battlefield, of a pit full of snakes.

Several other homemaking bloggers have mentioned how difficult it is to find healthy food for their families, so I know I am not alone in my frustrations over this. Trying to avoid  pesticides is the least of the difficulties now facing the home cook. Try avoiding GMOs, hidden MSG, BPA, antibiotics, and other letters of the toxic alphabet, and then add a soy allergy in the mix and you think the only thing left to eat is lettuce. 

Oh, whoops- lettuce has been sprayed with fluoride.

Just about the time you think you have found something everyone can eat, it comes out in the news that it has been injected with plastic-producing steroids.

Friends' Oats
I must have eaten something in my childhood that affected my memory, because I usually come home from the grocery store with some failure, some food that has an awful ingredient I did not notice, some produce that I forgot was on the dirty dozen or two list, or something has an un-pronounceable ingredient I was hoping was the secret recipe code word instead of another term for MSG.

I try not to sigh too much. While the farmer's markets are open in the summer, things are a bit better, but in the winter one has to go to the grocery store. Until we build a greenhouse and devote the rest of our lives to growing year-round apricots and lettuce, we have to go grocery shopping. 
We pray that God will bless our food, and we hope to live to see better days!

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