Thursday, May 26, 2011

Some Sewing Projects

By The Pleasant Times Sewing Lady Miss Thread

Today I am tackling some things on my list:
Fix Sewing Machine (check!)
Mend  (Almost done)
Finish a couple of half-done projects.

In the meantime, here are photos of some things that have actually made it out of the sewing room!
This cute blouse I cannot claim to have made, only to have edited. It was made by Rebecca from the Sensibility Romantic Blouse pattern, originally with long sleeves but I shortened them.

A  Beatrix skirt. My Walmart bargain table "unknown fiber" material worked out fine. The fabric is stretchy three ways, is a suiting weight and behaves like rayon.

A red, ruffly petticoat for the skirt. 

Wondering how I could live so long with only one chemise, I made four more! They are "dress savers" and very soft and comfortable. I decided to try my hand at some very easy embellishments with these garments.
I was curious about shadow embroidery, and wanted to try out the stitch used. Yes, I know it doesn't work on muslin! I knew that when I started, but it was an easy place to experiment, and it has been years since I have done embroidery.

Sewing lace together to make a new design.
 Very simple lace shaping.

Here are a few blouses for friends:
 A super-easy blouse from Simplicity (3842 It's So Easy). It goes together quickly!

 A nursing top from Elizabeth Lee Designs, Nursing Classics #307.

Another Elizabeth Lee pattern, shortened into a blouse, Nursing Classics #204.
The back.
Am still thinking about what to do with this sweater. I was working on it last year but wasn't sure if I posted about it! It is an Old Navy sweater found at the thrift shop. I don't like turtlenecks, so I
cut it down the middle to make a collar.
This is what it looks like in the back.
But I was wondering, what should I use to finish it? Should I do something like the ribbon above, or add a cute print bias tape? Perhaps I'll think about it for another year.
Here is a wrap skirt, also found at a thrift store in brand-new condition. Now I know why it was so little worn. Wrap skirts don't work for people that move around (as in housework or walking), or live in windy country! After trying many methods to keep it fastened, I finally sewed it together and made a drawstring-waist skirt. 

And now, as soon as I can get to it, here are the new fabrics for a couple of summer dresses! 

And here are the pieces for a cute cottage quilt. I hope to use the new method I learned from this video.

 I have had practice with the method for I was able to use it in this small quilt that was finished earlier this month. I call it "Caribbean Summer." The squares have only been sitting in a bag for over 10 years! Maybe there is hope for all the other unfinished projects on the shelf!

Now back to mending! 
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