Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Big Thank You

Some Spring trees in bloom-- there are still red berries on the holly tree (bottom right)!
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Not being in the habit of regular blogging, I missed the big Blogger boo-boo this past week. The only impact I saw was double posts showing up on Google Reader.

I have been using Google reader to keep track of enlightening, inspiring, beautiful and encouraging posts by you bloggers out there. Reading them is like getting a custom-made magazine just for me, without horrid ads, mind-corrupting ideas, or ugliness on every other page. Instead I see ladies who want to share the things that make their lives happy, beautiful, and peaceful.

Without you, the Internet would be a bleak place!

Every week on your blogs, I can read articles about
Home Decorating
All done with thoughtfulness and decorated with pretty paintings and pictures the brighten the day. (Though I love seeing my newsletter on paper, one of the draws of a blog for me was the free full color publishing!)

Lady Looking at Drawings, 1894

Lady Looking at Drawings, 1894
Belimbau, Adolfo

Buy This

Do you all realize what a great monthly "magazine" you make? I would love to print one, "someday" when there is "time" and include many of the wonderful posts you have put so much work into. Wouldn't it be wonderful to see it on the newsstands? Here's a sample of what "could be--"

The Cover might be:
This Pretty Cover
Or This One
Or maybe This One

the "Housekeeping" section:
Five Tips for Ironing
How To Clean A Room

The "Home Making" section:
Loving Homemaking
Attitude Change
Encouragement for Homemakers

For the "Beauty" section:
Simple Woman's Beauty
Modesty Tips

The Quiet Days of May
Design of S.C. Gardens


Princess Diana's Wedding Cake
Frugal Housewife
English Muffins

Home Decor:
Gorgeous Little Cottage
The Whitening of a Room
Roses in the Kitchen

Crafts and Sewing:
Boot Socks
A Sewing Project for Beginner Sewing Enthusiasts
Card Garland

Regency Shawl
All The Lace And Ruffles We Really Want To Wear But Don't

And Pleasantries scattered throughout:
Pretty Painting and quote
Friends Poem
Thoughtful Post

Homeschooling Sanity
All Of Our Home school Assignment Papers Should Have Looked This Good

And in case there are people out there who assume homemakers don't think, some
Thought-Provoking Articles:
Enemies of Beauty
Purposes of the Front Porch
Christian Wives Working?

And whoops-- can't forget the Paper Dolls!
Free Paper Dolls
Old Time Free Paper Dolls (this is a really cute booklet!)

--and these are just a small sample of the posts I took note of in April and so far this May! 

Bloggers really are generous and sharing people! 
Thank you for your time and effort!

-Mrs. Humphrey, Editor

You can see many of these in the "shared items" on the sidebar ("we liked these posts") here at The Pleasant Times.

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