Thursday, October 21, 2010

Corner Bookcase in Pink and Black

This is the corner case as it looks this month in pink and black. The inspiration for the color theme was the recipe box on the second-from-the-top shelf. Until someone thought to gift me with this elegant box, my recipes were crammed into a little plastic card file holder, with no lid. It was very ugly. I was happy to change over to the new one!
Besides the color theme, the shelves ended up with "Sit back, relax, have a cup of tea, sew a little and read a good book" theme.
 I thought perhaps some readers may like to know what is on the shelves in more detail, so below I've listed the book titles.

Starting from the top shelf, back to front:
Large pink book is a home-made "magazine" called "Serendipity" that my mother put together with pretty pictures on pink paper.
"Keepers at Home" book from
"Daughters of Eve" study of the women of the Bible by Lottie Beth Hobbs
A Latin Grammar book from about 100 years ago... probably hasn't been opened in about as long!
"Marcia Schuyler" by Grace Livingston Hill (a very favorite)
Cute pink mini metal bucket with all the pink crayons from the crayon box

Second shelf:
"Taking Tea" by Andrea Israel
"Victorian Parlors and Tea Parties" by Patricia B. Mitchell
"A Cup of Friendship" gift book by dollar store
The Elegant Recipe Box

Third shelf:
"Spot Illustrations from Women's Magazines of the Teens and Twenties" by Judy M. Johnson
"Wide as the Waters" by Benson Bobrick (a history of the King James version of the Bible, very enjoyable read!)
"Princess Ka'iulani" by Sharon Linnea
Box of Celestial Seasonings Vanilla Rose Tea, so wonderful with cream!
Wooden "Relax" sign, from dollar store, painted pink and glittered.

Fourth shelf:
McCall's Quilting magazine with a pink cover (this is my sewing-theme shelf!)
"Sew Pretty Homestyle" Tilda book
"My Little House Sewing Book" by Margaret Irwin
"She Hath Done What She Could" study book by Jane McWhorter (a good study on our hands and our works)
Pink basket and pink doily with home-made sewing cards & laces inside.

Bottom shelf:
"America's Providential History" by Mark A. Beliles and Stephen K. McDowell
"The Christian Girl" by Mamie W. Hayhurst
Under the two cute little pink crates, there is "The Best Loved Poems of the American People,"
"The Bible Lessons of John Quincy Adams for His Sons"
"The Letters of Theodore Roosevelt for His Sons" 
Several tiles of the Sower Series: Abigail Adams, Isaac Newton, Robert E. Lee, Abraham Lincoln, and Christopher Columbus

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