Sunday, May 23, 2010

Museum Dress

At a recent visit to a museum, this dress caught my eye. I had seen a similar design in Martha Pullen's Sew Beautiful Magazine of a "mystery dress" with a yoke overlay for girls (an example of it is here). I cannot seem to find the magazine, but I am sure the "mystery dress" was a replica of an antique dress. I believe this is the same type of design, but the "grown up" version. The yoke overlay seems to have the collar attached to it.
Above: the whole dress. The overlay hangs loose from the gown (and has been put on a bit lopsided!)

This is the embroidery under the front skirt ruffles.

Close up of a sleeve.
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Tucks on the shoulders.

Here is the skirt fastening.

Sorry this photo is not crystal clear... it is the back of the gown. The overlay back can be seen (it is put on crookedly here) and is connected to the front by the lace at the bottom.

You can barely see it (I was up against a wall and dared not move the mannequin!), but the back of the skirt is gathered at the middle, and there are rows of lace near the hem. It is interesting that I do not see the lace continuing from the back hem around to the front lace triangle. I wonder if the front lace detail is an overlay, too?
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