Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Dress

The pale mint green material, with its delicate coral pink miniature roses, just sung out to me as I turned the corner in the fabric department. I could not resist.
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("Marilla! Look at the puffs!")

A friend sent this lovely, soft, pink scarf, which I used as a light shawl with the gown:

The pattern I used started out as Vogue 2512, "Vogue American Designer Oscar de la Renta." Whatever was left of la Renta is in the middle (the A-line pleated part) of the "new" design.
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(above, a portion of the pattern envelope: Vogue 2512 can be found on eBay.)
I re-drew the neckline into a slight "V" and fixed the length of the gown to just above the ankle. The puffed sleeves are from the Sense & Sensibility Romantic Gown. The back has been raised. Not only did I alter the design, but I used a completely different kind of fabric than called for. It worked beautifully, only it is not as full as it could be to show off the pleats, as the cotton is not stiff like taffeta. However, with a nice full petticoat, it works fine, and I am very pleased.
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