Thursday, March 4, 2010

Going the "Extra Minute"

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In the Library

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Not being a very organized person, I often get myself into housecleaning trouble with stacks of papers, stacks of books, stacks of books and more stacks of books, as well as closet woes and other disordered spaces.

And the Little People around here, not being born organized, happen to have the same problem.

So I am trying to go the "extra minute." The Bible tells us about going one more mile than is asked of you, which we call "going the extra mile," so I decided it would be a good experiment to see if I and the Wee People could go the "extra minute."

The "extra minute" is actually shorter than a minute, if you clocked it.

It is making sure that the shirt goes into the drawer all the way before you shut it.

It is taking the time to put the book away instead of "temporarily" sitting it next to the shelf.

It is double-checking to see if the shirt is in the right area of a shared closet after you have hung it up.

My theory is, that the "extra minute" will actually gain us a lot of time in the future. Wee People can find their shoes faster if they went the "extra minute" to put them where they ought to be the last time they took them off. I can find that paper I wrote my list on if I take the "extra minute" to actually put it in my purse! And the books... well, changing the book stacking habit may be the biggest benefit of all.

I hope this habit takes hold in this house, but as we are just starting out, we'll see how long we can keep up the "good intentions!"
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