Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cookbook Scrapbook Photos

(A few days ago I had a delightful afternoon joining friends for a scrapbook day. We were going to scrapbook recipes, and the ladies came with armloads of rubber stamps, papers, punches, and good food. We each brought something yummy we made, and then photocopied our recipe to pass around.

When it came down to the work, though, I had a hard time focusing on my scrapbook!

It was more fun when the time came to drink endless cups of tea, and visit, and hear the new songs the ladies had learned to sing, and to sit at the piano and play the new music they found, and learn how to do my hair up in a new way (we had a demonstration), and talk all afternoon, and look at other's scrapbooks to see what they were doing instead of working on my own!

I did feel that I ought to make an effort to finish my cookbook, though. So I have had fun with it this evening, and found that though I probably scrapbook best alone, I sure missed out on using everyone's neat paper gadgets the other day!)

Okay, girls, these are for you. You see, I wasn't such a bad student after all! Sorry for the poor quality photos. It's pretty good for a phone camera though!

The famous "sparkle taco" page, which you saw at the party (the only clever thing I did all afternoon).
My new "chocolate page" for the "Molten Chocolate Cake" recipe served at the party. There is a golden "hot glue" seal, and two-sided ribbon on this page.
My "celery soup" page. You wonder what those green marks are? I find I am not stocked with many "food" rubber stamp images and stickers, so I just took some celery from the refrigerator and stamped with it:)

These pages (above and below) are for my favorite "company meal" menus from my mother. I chose colors, rubber stamps, and stickers that reminded me of the place we lived at the time that these menus were put together.

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The scrapbook isn't filled up, but I think it will be an on-going project. One thing that helped give me a "boost" was a trip to JoAnn's today. I found a HUGE pad of scrapbook paper there, nearly 2 inches thick, and using a coupon the cost worked out to 5 cents a sheet! The printed backgrounds really help:)

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