Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Glittery Hearts by Mrs. Sherman, Craft Editor

A very Happy Valentine's Day to all of my readers! Valentine's day happened to fall this year on the same day that the Ladies' Bible class annually hosts their Valentine's Luncheon and Gift Exchange. It was decided that instead of exchanging gifts at Christmas time, when everyone is so busy, that the ladies here at church would have a special event at Valentine's time and give gifts then. The gift limit is a dollar or homemade! The church building is decorated in red and white. I'm sure we will have a lovely and delicious luncheon with of course, tea (my mother is the tea-cher, after all! And you know sooner or later that a tea-pot and proper tea-cups would make their way into the event).

Our simple program will be singing Love songs, a quiz to jog our memories on Love scriptures, and a scrapbook demonstration. My mother is making heart-shaped books for each lady to hold special poems and pictures, and we are bringing a scrap-book of my grandmother's to look at.

I am making up some scripture cards to scatter on the tables, and I wanted to share them with my dear readers. May your day be full of hearts and roses and all things beautiful!

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