Thursday, January 17, 2008

Quick Container Wrap

By Lillibeth H.

Here is a quick way to dress up a nursery plant for giving, or to display before planting. Sometimes annuals in four-inch pots make good decorations for tea parties, wedding or baby showers or other events, and can be nice take-home favors.

Start with a twelve-inch piece of scrapbook paper, or card stock, to match the flower or decor. Stiff wrapping paper can also be used.

Here is the plant we are "wrapping", a magenta primrose.

Here you see some marks to show you where the paper is folded. Fold into thirds one way, then thirds the other way, and crease. Then take the corners and fold up in a triangular fashion... so. Tape the corner shut where needed, with invisible tape. Try to do this with one or two small pieces of tape so that it is not so noticeable (one doesn't want tape showing all over the pretty paper!). Or if you have more time try gluing it.

Do all four corners in the same fashion and line the bottom with a plastic sandwich bag or other temporary liner. Set the plant inside. This is definitely not a permanent planter, you may want to take the plant out to water it if you are planning on using the paper container for
a longer time.
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