Friday, January 11, 2008

The Amazing Sewing Room Redo

Reported by Lillibeth R.

Last Summer the Editor of The Pleasant Times moved and was obliged to put a lot of her possessions into long-term storage. She could not part with her craft and sewing supplies for that long, however, and so she brought them to her mother's house to use.

Mrs. Sherman had trouble finding places to store her own sewing, and with the addition of all of her daughter's items, the boxes were getting to be overwhelming. It was all put into a little room a little bigger than a walk-in-closet.

What mother would let her daughter mess up the house like this? Believe it or not, this is only half of the items from that little room! Mrs. Sherman let her daughter have free-reign to re-vamp the sewing room.

Before: The boxes and sewing supplies of two households "hang out" in the living room.

Mrs. Sherman had collected storage drawers for her patterns. Extra drawers were purchased on sale for this organizational project.

Containers from the Dollar store were hung up on the wall. The Editor just loved drilling and nailing and hanging up things. One thinks she could get quite dangerous with that drill gun.

Here is a close-up of the containers. These mini milk-crate looking boxes are stackable in three ways. The Editor chose to hang them on the wall for storing small cuts of fabrics.

This child's coat rack was re-purposed for fabric and storage.

An architectural construction model from Mr. Humphrey's studio was re-used to hold thread and ribbons. The construction model was to show the "skeleton" of a portion of a structure. Now it is useful for the construction of a dress!

This magazine holder found at Goodwill and painted by Mrs. Sherman was snatched by the Editor for scrapbook paper storage. The 12" papers fit perfectly!

Narrow wall shelves display the combined rubber stamp collection Mrs. Sherman and Mrs. Humphrey. Seen in the top of the picture is a portion of the "attic" storage area above one side of the little room.

More stamps and drawers are shown above.

Time will tell if this arrangement will suit. The ladies are still obliged to take their sewing machines to a bigger area in the house, but they are grateful for an organized storage area. One thing they hope is for sure-- with the combined supplies they will not need to go to a fabric store for many years!

For more ideas, here is a link to the first sewing room redo at Mrs.Humphrey's former home.

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